2nd year ART

Semesters 3 and 4
Coordinator: Alain Pontarelli

The 2nd year in ART must enable the student to progress in the acquisition of fundamental theoretical knowledge and technical skills needed in artistic practices and to develop the ability to experiment.

2nd year ART: objectives

The 2nd year aims to:

  • develop the student's autonomy regarding the work to be produced;
  • progressively consolidate the acquisition of the fundamental art and theoretical tools introduced in the 1st year;
  • work on oral and written language;
  • initiation into transversal experimentation within the fields of the disciplines taught.

2nd year ART: course programme

The course in the 2nd year are composed of:

  • modules (visual art teachings and experimentations);
  • theory courses;
  • work on writing;
  • constitution of research material;
  • workshops;
  • evaluations-assessment.

The semestrial and collegial evaluation validates:

  • the ability of the student to articulate his different art works within the framework of the experimentation modules;
  • the ability of the student to prioritise, privilege and present the research and work produced that the student considers most important;
  • the ability of the student to present and also critically analyse the work produced.