3rd year ART

During the 3rd year ART, the student is progressively encouraged to move on from the thematic studies to enable their own personal research to emerge and develop.


Centred around interactive study, the 3rd year ART aims to:

  • enable the student to identify, distinguish and use the notions that underpin and surround his intentions as an artist;
  • bring the student to the invention of their own work methodology by liaising with the teachers who are accompanying them in the development of both their ability to develop a critical analysis and to widen their field of artistic experimentation and theoretical investigation. 

Course programme

The course proposed during the 3rd year ART are articulated around three academic axes:

  • theory classes;
  • the ARC (Ateliers de Recherche et de Création);
  • learning to be autonomous thanks to the Show-off. The Show-off enables the student to present his experimentations installed in a space specifically devoted to showing art work, to a group of teachers.

The semestrial evaluation validates:

  • full involvement in the courses run;
  • autonomous work methods;
  • regular dialogue with the teachers throughout the semester;
  • the oral presentation of a show of a selection of art work produced.

Admissibility to the (DNAP) diploma exams is decided during this evaluation.