Research and Creation Workshops

The ARC (Ateliers de Recherche et de Création) are where transversal teaching oriented towards art research takes place.

Initially conceived as an initiation into research specific to the 2nd cycle, the ARC were opened up to the 3rd year in order to prepare students for these studies.

Led by teams of multi-disciplinarian teachers and lecturers either artists or theorists, the ARC are organised into three themes:

  • Traduction/translation,
  • Morphogenesis,
  • Forms and attitudes.

Traduction/translation ARC 

This ARC invites students to reflect on the notion of translation as applied to the process of artistic creation. It questions documentary, literary and media sources... from which art work is constructed and the means by which these are integrated into the elaboration of art projects.

Questioning Morphogenesis ARC 

The ARC proposes a questioning of the systems that generate forms by analysing them from material, conceptual and cultural points of view regarding their relationship to those means of research outside the world of art (scientific, philosophical...) yet which constitute possible resources for the creation of art.

Forms and attitudes ARC 

Beginning with the analysis of the position of performance work in art, the ARC continues its investigations into the issues concerning the body as an instrument of research in art by testing the inter-disciplinarian connections with forms considered as anchored in the worlds of theatre, circus, dance and other performer work.

The ARC: objectives

The ARC aim to introduce the practice of research based on the cultural, process-based and technical transversality of its means of investigation.

Thus it proposes experiencing an immersion in the various ways of teaching groups (lessons, workshops, seminars, directed workshops, dialogues…) by meeting professional from outside the school (artists, theorists, other professionals) chosen for their experience and skills in each of the domains they represent.