2nd year DESIGN

During the 2nd year DESIGN, the student is brought to choose between the Space Design option and the Object Design option (specialising in Signature design).

2nd year DESIGN : objectives

The aims of the 2nd year DESIGN are to enable the student to:

  • develop and perfect, both collectively and individually, the acquisition of technical skills and theoretical knowledge in order to gain in autonomy of the approach to the themes and subjects proposed ;
  • progressively structure their personal vision of signature design.

SPACE DESIGN option: objectives

The space design option enables the student, through the realisation of specific projects, to question the way design invests urban space at the various social and cultural levels within the context of a territory undergoing continual change.

OBJECT DESIGN option (speciality Signature design): objectives

The object design option enables the student to plunge into the culture of the “project” thanks to the realisation of exercises of short duration (2 days) in order to set up a work rhythm that is both dense and demanding. These projects, whose subjects are renewed each year, are common to both the 2nd and 3rd years.

2nd year DESIGN: course programme

The courses in the 2nd year DESIGN take into consideration:

  • theoretical courses (history, the history of art and design, design sociology);
  • workshops and sessions with teacher-artists and designer-artists;
  • technical training in computing and 3D imagery.