Outgoing students

Students in their 2nd and 4th years can leave to study abroad for a full semester thanks to the ERASMUS programme and the bilateral agreements set up by the school. Besides initiating a new, analytical view of the art world and enabling new knowledge to be acquired, developing linguistic skills and enriching one's culture are also fundamental aspects inherent to international mobility.  

Students wishing to study abroad, may do so during the summer period. The ERASMUS programme also provides for 2 to 12 month-long placements in companies.

Students wishing to leave must begin to prepare a project with their referent teacher the year preceding their departure and thus compile the elements necessary for its successful completion. This project must be built upon their own personal artistic work project and be in relation to the partner school or company chosen.

Workshops are run in all curricula to encourage students to leave for a foreign country.

The network of students having already participated in an international mobility programme is also accessible and ready to advise and reply to all and any questions that future candidates wish to ask.

The European assessment system is made up of a precise system of credits (ECTS) attributed to each subject studied. To validate the semester, a total of 30 ECTS must be obtained. Therefore it is necessary to be sure that the subjects chosen will enable the student to acquire the number of credits required to validate the semester on return to the original/home establishment.

To leave

An application must be completed by the student and then assessed by an academic commission. The student must compile this application for the school or company of his choice and refer to the International Relations Office in order to obtain the information needed and necessary agreements.

On acceptance of the application, a tripartite contract on the nature of the trip will be set up between the student, the host establishment and the original/home establishment.


Before leaving the student must possess a valid identity card (a passport in the event of travel outside Europe).

The European Health Insurance card must be up-to-date. The need for a visa and supplementary health insurance must also be examined.

On site

The International Relations Office will be the support platform for administrative issues for all students  travelling to and studying in a foreign host establishment for the semester.

A referent teacher will be available to support the student and ensure coherent academic studies are pursued.

A referent placement tutor will be chosen by the host company for those students in placements.

Contact with the host establishment will be maintained throughout. Individual reports will be given by the student to enable the teaching staff to orient the student in his work.


Grants and financial aid are available to encourage international mobility. Application documents may be obtained from the International Relations Office.


International Relations Office

Estelle ARNAUD

0033 4 94 62 01 48