4th year ART

Semester 7 and 8
Coordinator: Cédric Teisseire

Semesters 7 and 8 mark the entrance to the 2nd cycle. The different courses run in these semesters enable the student to develop their project, based as much on theory as artistic  practices. This project, which the student will continue throughout semester 9 and 10, must envisage its presentation to the DNSEP jury.  

Enrolment in this cycle is only possible once the DNAP has been obtained and the school's admission commission has accepted the candidate, or the equivalence commission for those students coming from another high-level art education establishment either French or foreign.

4th year ART: objectives

The 4th year ART is a year of research and experimentation marked by each student setting up a project that leads to the presentation of the dissertation and the DNSEP option Art at the end of the 5th year.

The 4th year ART aims to:

  • facilitate the positioning of the student within the field of contemporary creation;
  • facilitate their entrance into the various production and exhibition networks;
  • develop the ability to conduct research and methodological qualities.

During this year, the students will be supported while they structure and develop their personal project. For this purpose, the student must gain more autonomy regarding practical and theoretical work that will structure their positioning within the art world and also develop a critical awareness of the networks in which it is assumed they will evolve.

4th year ART: course programme

The ensemble of the course run throughout the 4th year ART takes into consideration:

  • monitoring the project;
  • theory classes;
  • the dissertation seminar;
  • the ARC (Ateliers de Recherche et de Création);
  • the Show-offs;
  • the Workshops.

Training placements in the professional sector and mobility are strongly recommended in order to enrich the student's academic curriculum.

Two semestrial evaluations will take place to assess the student's work. These evaluations validate:

  • the regular presence of the student;
  • investment on both an individual level and within a group regarding the Show-offs and seminars;
  • an appreciation of the student's ability to question current contemporary art practices relative to their own project work;
  • the ability of the student to gain the autonomy required to conduct research into art practices by using the appropriate theoretical and methodological tools at their disposition.