ERASMUS + programme

ERASMUS + (European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a European programme of mobility enabling students to leave to study in another recognised establishment.

In 2014 the ESADTPM obtained the ERASMUS charter enabling students and teachers to participate in this mobility programme. Thanks to the ERASMUS + programme students and teachers can receive financial aid for the duration of their stay in the recognised establishment. This practice enables cultural horizons to be widened and further knowledge to be gained.

An academic contract is set up between the student, their original establishment and the host establishment.

The school is in contact with establishments throughout Europe. Places where the students can apply to go to are:








The Diploma Supplement

The diploma supplement (DS, SD in French) is a document attached to the high-level education diploma and aims to improve international « transparency » and facilitate the recognition of academic studies and professional qualifications (diplomas, university degrees, certificates, etc.). It is destined to describe the nature, level, context, content and status of the academic studies successfully completed by the person named on the diploma to which this document is attached. It does not in any manner give a judgement of value, make a declaration of equivalence or a recognition suggestion.

It is a flexible, non-normative tool aimed to save time, money and work. It can be adapted to local needs. The diploma supplement is delivered by national establishments according to a model laid down by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO work group which has tested and finalised it.

The diploma supplement is made up of eight sections : personal details of the title holder; information about the diploma ; level of the diploma; diploma currriculum and results achieved; information about the function of the diploma; complementary information ; supplement validation; information regarding the national high-level education system. All the information required to complete these eight sections must be supplied. If any information is missing, an explanation must be given. The institutions must apply the same authentication procedures to the diploma supplement as for the diploma itself.

A description of the national high-level education system within which the person has obtained the diploma must be attached to the diploma supplement.


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