La Station - Nice

La Station is a cultural facility based in the Alpes Maritimes and run by the STARTER Association since 1996. It seeks to support and show contemporary cultural and artistic practices in Nice in the many ways and forms in which they exist.

Its main objective is to help artists and participate in the development, promotion and showing of their work. La Station positions itself as a professional platform that enables emerging artists to show in galleries, art centres, museums and schools and thus provide them with the opportunity to connect them with the reality of working as an artist as well as attempting to offer them a contemporary audience. 

Established since 2009 in unused coldstore warehouses, La Station has 1000 m² of space divided up into workshops and exhibition areas open to the public. It supports and promotes art work in its most contemporary form thus enabling the different artistic practices being developed to be shown on both the national and international scenes.

Under contract with the ESADTPM, La Station works on the introduction of the students into the professional art field by running professional training sessions, exhibitions and workshops off site.