Institutions of Governance

The ESADTPM, a public institution for cultural cooperation (EPCC), is governed by a Board of Directors which is the first authority for validation of the general policies of the establishment, regarding the propositions and projects presented by the Director.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the ESADTPM, presided over by Yann Tainguy, is made up of 19 members :

  • 6 representatives of the Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée
  • the Mayor of Toulon (or his representative)
  • 2 representatives of the State (the Prefect or Director of Regional Cultural Affairs)
  • 1 representative of the Var Regional Council
  • 3 distinguished figures appointed by the above institutions
  • 2 representatives of the administrative and technical staff
  • 2 representatives of the faculty
  • 2 representatives of the students

Under the authority of its President, the Board of Directors debates and votes on all matters relative to the operations of the establishment, and in particular regarding its general orientations, budget and accounting policies,admission, scholastic affairs and tuition fees, full-time staff and the internal rules of the establishment.

The educational board

The ESADTPM is also constituted of an advisory body which assesses and advises on educational matters as well as the scientific and cultural activities of the establishment : the Educational Board (Conseil Scientifique et Pédagogique)

The Educational Board is made up of :

  • the Director
  • 4 elected representatives of the faculty
  • 1 elected representative of the students
  • 3 distinguished figures appointed by the Director of the establishment
  • the academic coordinators
  • the person in charge of the library

The Educational Board has a specific commission, the scientific commission, which deals with matters appertaining to Research and academic propositions regarding the 2nd cycle and research projects relevant to the development of a 3rd cycle.

This commission is made up of :

  • representatives of the ARCs
  • persons in charge of the research projects
  • a distinguished figure from a university
  • professors from the school
  • the two academic coordinators of the 2nd cycle.

The Scientific Commission reports to the Educational Board regarding the work carried out in the “Research Platform” and presents its propositions. The report established by the Educational Board is presented to the Director of the Board of Directors. 

The Director

The Director is directly responsible for the conception and execution of the academic and cultural curricula, as he has been elected to be, and also delivers those national diplomas the establishment has been authorised to deliver by the Ministry of Culture and Communication as well as the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

He has authority over the ensemble of the personnel of the school and proposes, to the President of the Board of Directors, the recruitment and nomination of people to posts available within the establishment.