Research project : Equality, Hybridity, Ambivalence

Within the framework of its Research Platform « Passages », the school develops a research project entitled : Equality, Hybridity, Ambivalence.

This research project, which generates a return to the study of art history, aims to envisage reviewing and updating those issues from which « the principle of equality » is established.

Research project : the stakes

The major stake of this research project is to trace the genealogies, displacements, migrations, theoretical connections and the works that lie between that which we could call on the one hand, a principle of equality as an ethical, political and aesthetic principle, and with considerations such as hybridity, ambivalence and the decentring of the other.

The project's partners

Within the framework of the 2015-2016 research project around the notions of Equality, Hybridity and Ambivalence, the partners involved are :