The school offers several workshops, here are their different characteristics.

Publishing workshop

2 HD digital printers, 1 work space devoted to book-binding and the layout of editorial projects.

Metal workshop

1 arc welding station, 1 MIG welding station, 1 TIG welding station, 1 autogenous welding training station and 1 plasma cutter, 1 air compressor, metal circular saws, column drilling machine, metal sheet shear, lock smithery

Engraving workshop

Room equipped with :

  • 1 intaglio printing-machine (dim. 67  x 125 cm & 55 x 105 cm).
  • 1 wood / lino press (A4 size)
  • Tools for drypoint, etching, aquatint, mezzotint, carborundum work.
  • 2 hot plates (750 W)
  • 1 extractor hood

3D workshop

Room equipped with 10 computers workstations for 3D work

Multimedia computer equipment

Room equipped with 7 workstations devoted to graphic and multimedia work.

Sound equipment

1 workstation equipped with specialized software and micros.

Video equipment

Room equipped with 6 editing / camera workstations one of which is HD, 4 tri CCD and 4 mono CCDs, DVD players, TV / video stands.

Wood workshop

Lathe, circular saw, multi-function tool (planer, spindle moulder, tenoning, circular saw, surface plane), belt grinder (lapidary), jig saw, pillar drill, band saw.

Photography workshop

  • Analogue laboratory equipped with 7 Black&White enlargers
  • Space specifically devoted to development of Black&White film
  • Studio for photo shoots (Analogue and Digital) ; equipped with backdrops ; Professional electronic flashes and measuring equipment.

Book-binding workshop

2 percussion presses, 2 embossing presses, 6 hand presses, 1 cardboard shear and 1 paper guillotine.

Clay / ceramics workshop

Large work space, 1 turning wheel, 2 ceramic ovens for porcelain and stoneware (dim. 60 x 42 x 65cm  and dim. 87 x 60 x 100cm), 1 enamelling workstation (partnerships possible for certain work).