The Galleries

Situated in the town centre of Toulon, the Scholl Gallery and the Annexe are an exhibitions spaces which enables ESADTPM graduates to confront presenting their work to the public.

A place of learning

The experience of exhibiting, which inscribes itself in one's approach to showing personal work, enables the young graduates to acquire their first experience of confronting the public with their work.

They must take into consideration all the stages followed in the elaboration of such a project (communication, logistics, installation and dismantling, etc.).

Throughout the realisation of this project, the teaching staff of the ESADTPM helps and advises the young graduates.

Exhibitions places


Organised as a monthly cycle (3 weeks of exhibiting and 1 week for the installation) these exhibitions enable the students the experience the overall management of an exhibition space.

This space is within premises on loan from the Town of Toulon, near the "Art Street". It measures approximately 20 m2 white walls and a “shop” window onto the street.


La Galerie de l'école:

In parallel to this the graduate student(s) benefit from a group exhibition, the year following their qualification, in "La galerie de l'école". Gallery also receiving exhibitions of invited artists, Workshops ...


La Galerie de l'Ecole

18 Rue Chevalier Paul

Place des Savonnières

83000 Toulon


42, rue Nicolas Laugier

Place Gambetta

83000 Toulon